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Our Downtown Clinic

Convenient location, ample parking, and the same great doctors. Please come visit us!

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Our Mission at Minnehaha Animal Hospital is to ensure that each pet has a healthy and comfortable life, and that clients feel appreciated, supported and empowered to care for their pet. There are other clinics that strive for these goals, so why choose us?  We have been a privately-owned, non-corporate neighborhood veterinary clinic for over 35 years, in a charming south Minneapolis business corner just 2 blocks north of Minnehaha Creek. We have grown a lot in those years and that is what sets us apart as a leader in the veterinary field. We know pet parents are well-educated, curious people who want to be informed about their pet care options and have all their questions answered. We tailor your dog or cat health care recommendations to their specific needs, and our entire team is available to answer your questions and be involved in delivery of care.





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~What Our Clients Say~

  • The first thing I noticed is that the entire staff truly loves animals. I have had my boy Denver in for Heartworm positive treatments early spring..summer 2016. Now he is battling Lymphoma. He is 3 1/2. The compassion and attention we receive every visit is amazing. All of the phone calls I've made have been returned in good time.. We have never felt rushed.. and any questions I have are answered in professional and caring words. I love everyone.. the receptionists..technicians..doctors. Thank you all for the patience and loving touch with my Denver.

    D.M., Facebook Review
  • I absolutely love Minnehaha Animal Hospital!

    When I adopted my cat when he was five months old, I asked the veterinary program director of my college if she could recommend anybody for his care. 
    She spoke highly of Minnehaha Animal Hospital… and that's where I've been taking my boy for the past 13 years.

    The level of caring, skill, and personableness is second to none. 
    They explain everything to me in very detailed, yet easy to understand terms. And they always show the utmost care and compassion for my cat.

    Cash, the clinic cat, even came out once to comfort my boy while he was having a particularly stressful time.

    Go here! 
    I recommend them highly.

    J.D., Facebook Review
  • You are all so amazing and really care about my animals. You are so helpful and I always feel like they are in good hands. I’m always confident walking out that my animals got the best recommendation possible. You make animal health understandable.      

    M.D. Survey Comment
  • This past Friday we had to say goodbye to one of our cats. I can not say enough about how Minnehaha's staff helped ease our pain. They made a difficult time for us a loving send off. Yet today another great touch from Minnehaha, a lovely card signed by all with the actual imprint of our beloved pets paw ready for us to frame and hang on the wall.

    S.B., Facebook Review
  • Grumpy cat Nelson, Lana Kitty Pierson, and I love your clinic and compassionate vets! 

    L.R., Client Survey
  • I will always remember the heartfelt personal letter I received from the Doctor when we put my old girl Stormy down. I knew then it was truly a clinic that cared.

    Client Survey Comments
  • We have come to know and trust the care our cats receive at Minnehaha Animal Hospital

    P.F., Client Survey
  • It was obvious everyone cared about our cats' experience as well as ours. Both the nurse and the doctor were extremely knowledgeable and knew how to handle cats.  

    L.V., Client Survey
  • My cat isn't easy to work with, but he's a still a great cat. I appreciated the way everyone treated him so well, and never once did anyone make me feel like he was a nuisance - even when he was difficult. Thank you!

    Client Survey Comments
  • I learned more about my 19 year-old cat's health than I had in the many years I had seen another vet (just moved here). Thank you.

    Client Survey Comments
  • Everyone was so caring of me and my dog - you can tell they love their jobs!

    J.G., Client Survey
  • Every one was friendly and courteous and I felt like my dog received a thorough exam, just like the other times we've visited the clinic.   

    E.S., Client Survey
  • 5 stars. Everything is always perfect, and they seem to care about my pet, and keep me informed. I had 3 of Maggie's teeth pulled and the doctor called to let me know she was doing well, and I got to pick her up early. All was great!    

    P.M., Client Survey
  • Staff was friendly and kind. They were so sweet to my dog and he loved all the affection he was given during his exam. Dr. took time to listen to all the concerns I had. A very positive experience, thank you!

    Client Survey Comments
  • Thank you for excellent service! All the staff were helpful and friendly, and I got all the info I needed about care for my dogs.

    Client Survey Comments
  • Your staff are very professional, knowledgeable gentle and caring. We trust your services and feel that our cats get very good care there. We appreciate your extra effort when we get a call the next day after a procedure to check on progress.    

    D.K., Client Survey Comments
  • Minnehaha Animal Hospital is the perfect neighborhood vet clinic. It's small and cozy--everyone is so friendly and inviting, yet extremely professional. Thank you for being a part of our community and for taking care of our pets!

    Client Survey Comments
  • The front desk staff was amazing, and so friendly to myself, my kids and my pet! I feel like the veterinarian really cared about my dog!        

    D.G., Client Survey
  • I have been bringing my dogs to this clinic for 24 years now. The the Drs and the staff are wonderful. They are kind, caring and considerate. I have had some dogs with pretty complicated issues and they always know how to handle the problem.    

    R.T., Client Survey
  • You made my shy dog feel safe and welcome.

    L.B. Client Survey Comments
  • Our furry kids have been coming to Minnehaha Animal Hospital for over 15 years, and the high level of caring expertise and friendly, helpful staff make this the best vet in the Twin Cities! Our dogs love coming here, and we’re very happy pet parents!    

    E.P & M.P., Client Survey Comments
  • We had a well visit for my two darlings and it was thorough, professional and good value for the treatment, vaccinations and advice received. thank you!      

    M.R., Client Survey Comments
  • Entire staff was welcoming and concerned for my dog's care. All of my questions were addressed in a meaningful and respectful manner. At no point were my concerns belittled or poopooed.                          

    R.N., Client Survey Comments
  • Love the new 'non-anxious' atmosphere! For aging, arthritic Ursa, I especially appreciated the rugs in the exam room (and elsewhere) that kept her from slipping. She loved the treats!         

    S.G., Client Survey Comments
  • Everyone there is very kind - both to the animal and to the human customers (who often need it as much as the animals).The staff is also very upfront about costs and options and is respectful of the owner's choices.

    Client Survey Comments
  • “We’ve been taking our dog here for about 10 months now and are extremely happy with every experience.  Their pledge for a fear free appointment is no joke – my dog gets excited every time we pull into the parking lot.  Every employee we have interacted with has been very kind and helpful with any question or issue we have had.  Prices are very reasonable and I would recommend this place to anyone with a pet”

    L.L., Google Review
  • Anne wanted us to know that she appreciated how kind everyone was and she is excited to keep coming here going forward!

  • “I hadn’t been back to MAH since 2007 when my kitty Harley died – and MAH was wonderful then.  Fast forward 13 (!!) years and I am a new dog owner.  I tentatively returned to MAH, hoping they were still as great as I remembered them, and let me tell you they are!  Attentive, knowledgeable, warm.  So glad to have this wonderful team to call on in the care of my dear Indi!”

    M.G., Facebook review
  • Robin expressed how happy she is that she has a clinic like MAH to bring her pets to.  She said that “each time she calls she is never disappointed and we are always willing to do what is best for her and her pets.  She understands how difficult it must be for MAH during the COVID crisis and she is so thankful for us and knows how hard it is to find a business as trustworthy as MAH is.

    R.W, Phone conversation
  • “I have been bringing my animals to this clinic for over 10 years and have always had the best experiences, even through the passing of some of my beloved pets.  They take their time to explain procedures and always have love and compassion for my pets at every visit.  I highly recommend them.”

    K. H, Facebook review
  • Always friendly and easy to work with!  They make it as unstressful as it can be to bring a cat to the vet :-)

    E.R., Survey Comments