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Our Downtown Clinic

Convenient location, ample parking, and the same great doctors. Please come visit us!


Our surgical team is trained and equipped to provide your pet with the same level of surgical care you would expect for yourself and the rest of your family. We offer a wide variety of services, from elective outpatient procedures to soft tissue surgeries and orthopedic corrections.

January 2021

Our position on declawing cats:  In keeping with our Fear Free protocols and our oath to “do no harm’ Minnehaha Animal Hospital will not perform declawing on cats.  We believe this procedure is not necessary and causes long term pain and behavioral issues.  There are many alternatives available to deal with the issues that scratching causes.  We are happy to discuss nail trimming, nail caps, redirecting behavior and reinforcing the use of scratching posts.  

For more information on declawing:

ASPCA Position Statement on Declawing

American Association of Feline Practitioners Position Statement on Declawing

The Paw Project

For more specialized surgeries we also have the option of calling in a local board certified surgeon who can perform the procedure in our hospital. Our experienced surgical team utilizes pre-surgical exams, blood screens, fluid support, electronic monitoring and aggressive pain management protocols to minimize risk and maximize comfort for your pet.