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Our Downtown Clinic

Convenient location, ample parking, and the same great doctors. Please come visit us!

Kitty Cottages Boarding — AT OUR DOWNTOWN LOCATION (pet doctors) ONLY

Award Winning Kitty Cottages Boarding at Pet Doctors Animal Clinic

Knowing your kitty friend is relaxing and being pampered in a loving, safe and clean environment will give you peace of mind while you’re traveling. Our Kitty Cottages were the Women’s Press 2013, 2014 and 2015 Reader’s Choice Favorite Place to Board. Our cottage room was designed exclusively for cats and their comfort. We have two large windows for their entertainment; one that faces busy Franklin Avenue with a downtown Minneapolis skyline view, and the other views Pet Doctors’ reception area. Cats like to have people around and have lots to see, and we will keep them entertained while you’re away. 

Deluxe single and double cottages are available for your cat’s visit. Our cottages feature multiple areas to explore with a perch to lie on and watch out the sunny windows as the world goes by. Litter box areas are enclosed and private. Playtime includes climbing and relaxing on our Purrniture Castle Royale shag carpeted cat tree. We will provide all of your cat’s bedding, food/water dishes and litter box, toys, and a calming agent (Feliway) if needed. We play soft music or a CD of birds/nature sounds for their enjoyment.

Because cats typically don’t like change, we always recommend that you bring your cat’s usual food with them for their stay, because we want our home to be as much like your home as possible. We do have a selection of premium foods (IVet, Solid Gold) available if you prefer, and will be happy to cater to any special diets. If your cat needs medications or is diabetic, we may request an exam with one of our veterinarians prior to their stay with us, so we can fully meet your cat’s needs.

During their stay with us, our veterinary staff is nearby, and additional services such as physical exams, vaccinations and nail trims can be scheduled.

For the health and safety of your cats and our other guests that stay with us we require the following vaccinations and preventative care:

  • All cats need to have current Rabies and Distemper combo vaccinations.
  • If your cat is an indoor/outdoor explorer, they will need to have a current Feline Leukemia vaccine or a negative FeLV/FIV test (within 30 days of their stay with us).
  • For the safety of all, upon your cat’s stay with us, we will check for evidence of fleas and/or flea dirt. If at any time we observe any evidence of fleas on your cat they will be treated with a safe topical and/or oral medication at your cost and placed away from any other cats for the remainder of their stay. We recommend that you treat your cat with a high quality flea preventative such as Frontline, Nexgard Combo for Cats or Revolution at least 48 hours prior to their stay.

We want to be sure that your cat is always safe. Please make sure that they are in a carrier whenever they travel, and when they arrive for their stay with us.

Suites are available now at our Pet Doctors location. Call and schedule a visit today! Your kitty will thank you!!