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Our Downtown Clinic

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Pet insurance

Pet health care has improved dramatically and we can now provide human-quality care. High tech and specialty medicine is expensive. Pet health insurance can help you afford the best care possible for your pet. At Minnehaha Animal Hospital we recommend the following:

Shop Around

Policies and premiums can vary widely. Take note of the monthly and annual cost as well as the differences in deductibles, co-pays and caps, which may limit payouts by incident, annually or the animal’s lifetime. Some have specific breed exclusions. Ask whether the insurer offers discounts for insuring multiple pets or whether your employer offers pet insurance as a voluntary benefit. The companies to check include:


**NEW!  Trupanion medical insurance can pay your veterinary bill in minutes**

When your pet gets ill or injured, we want you to be able to focus on the health and well-being of your pet.  Medical insurance can help you deal with unexpected veterinary expenses and provide your pet with the best medical care.  Trupanion can cover a significant portion of your veterinary bill (up to 90% of eligible costs*) in minutes.  With a Trupanion policy, our clients often pay only their part of the bill at checkout and leave the hospital without waiting for claim approvals and reimbursements.  You can learn more about Trupanion coverage and direct payments at
*Coverage must be in effect prior to illness or injury.  Terms and conditions apply. Please see the policy for complete details  here.

Check with the state of Minnesota

Like human health insurers, pet insurers should be registered with your state regulators.

Scrutinize policies and understand their exclusions

The conditions most likely to afflict your pet are often the ones most likely to be excluded from a policy.