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Preventive Care

The Minnehaha Animal Hospital team knows that preventative care is very important in extending the life of your pet. We have separated your pet’s care into three stages: puppy/kitten, adult and senior. Below you will find more information about each stage and what can be expected each time you visit our hospital. This is just general information. At your appointment, your pet’s health care recommendations are tailored to their lifestyle and stage of life.

We know that prevention of medical and behavioral problems when animals are young will lead to better quality of life for both pets and owners. All kittens and puppies receive a series of exams to evaluate general health, check for parasites, and get vaccinated against disease and screen for any congenital problems. 

During these visits owners are educated on important topics of animal care ranging from behavior and training to diet and exercise. Puppy and kitten kits containing written information and brochures are sent home with each owner.

Topics covered are:

  • House training/litterbox habits
  • Behavior modification and training
  • Grooming (ears, nails, dental care)
  • Breed specific related concerns
  • Flea/Tick prevention
  • Fecal evaluation, Zoonotic concerns
  • Diet and Exercise, monitoring of body condition
  • Spay/Neuter Procedures
  • Microchip
  • Vaccines
  • Pet Insurance

As our dogs and cats move into adulthood, it is important to continue to have a close relationship with your veterinarian. Comprehensive physical exams are performed yearly and focus on preventative care and wellness.


Cats and dogs are living longer due to high quality nutrition and medical care. The treatment of disorders such as cancer, kidney failure, heart disease and arthritis have improved greatly. Our furry family members can have a good quality of life and we can enjoy them longer by implementing these treatments.  We encourage and promote EARLY DETECTION SCREENING (annual blood testing) for every age.  This allows us to:

  • Establish and verify your pet’s normal blood values
  • Detect the onseet of disease before physical symptoms appear
  • Make sure your pet’s internal organ systems are healthy.

Our senior pets benefit the most from having a full exam and weight monitored every six months. At these visits, important topics covered include diet, body condition, mobility, nutritional and joint supplements, dental health, behavior changes and pain management. Senior wellness blood and urine evaluation is very important to catch disease early. X-rays are commonly used to screen for disease as well. Common aging changes, especially to the kidneys, need to be monitored closely. We look at every animal as an individual and can discuss the best preventative treatment plan for keeping your pet happy, healthy and comfortable.