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Our Downtown Clinic

Convenient location, ample parking, and the same great doctors. Please come visit us!

Our Clinic

Welcome to Minnehaha Animal Hospital


Our Mission at Minnehaha Animal Hospital is to ensure that each pet has a healthy and comfortable life, and that clients feel appreciated, supported and empowered to care for their pet. There are other clinics that strive for these goals, so why choose us? We have been a privately-owned, non-corporate neighborhood veterinary clinic for over 40 years, in a charming south Minneapolis business corner just 2 blocks north of Minnehaha Creek. We’ve grown a lot in those years and that’s what sets us apart as a leader in the veterinary field. We currrently have 3 doctors on staff, as well as veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, client service representatives, a hospital manager and two clinic cats, all of them well-trained to be part of each pet’s health care team. As of April 1, 2020 our Medical Director, Dr. Bobbi Soule, became the new owner of Minnehaha Animal Hospital.  Under her leadership the standard of care and culture of excellence will continue.  We know pet parents are well-educated, curious people who want to be informed about their pets’ options and have all their questions answered. We tailor your pet’s health care recommendations to their specific needs, and our entire team is available to answer your questions and be involved in delivery of care.


There are many advantages to having a large team supporting one clinic. Most importantly, pets and owners can choose a primary doctor, but they get the wisdom, experience and expertise of multiple doctors. We do informal rounds on medical cases and discuss x-rays, lab work and treatment options.

Our technicians use their training to collect lab samples, take x-rays and do many procedures like nail trims, booster vaccinations, and rechecks for medication refills. Having skilled technicians available for appointments makes clinic visits more affordable. The doctors and technicians have scheduled time to return clients’ calls and to answer questions and check on the progress of pets seen the previous day.

Keeping current is a hospital priority. Pet health care has become so specialized and changes so rapidly that continued training is really essential. At doctors’ meetings, we discuss cases, new issues, and share information from on-line study and conferences our doctors have attended. We hold all-team meetings so everyone is educated and can answer your questions. Together, we share opinions, ideas and expertise. The Trained Team is always better than The Individual!



We also keep current with new technology and have equipped our hospital with digital radiology, electronic charts, therapeutic cold laser and ultrasound. Our top priority is patient safety and comfort so we have recently added cold laser as additional treatment options and for pain management.