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Radiology at Minnehaha Animal Hospital

Minnehaha Animal Hospital is equipped with a complete Radiology/X-Ray Department, giving us the ability to take radiographs in the hospital. Radiographs may be taken for many different reasons.

They are used to evaluate skeletal issues such as fractures, spinal disc disease, arthritis and screening for hip dysplasia. They can also be used to evaluate the heart, lungs, abdominal structures such as the stomach and intestines and to look for bladder or kidney stones. We also utilize digital radiography, for better x-ray diagnostics and ease of image transfer between our locations. We also have a digital dental x-ray machine that is used during dental cleaning to evaluate the health of teeth and the bony structures of the mouth.

Most patients do not require sedation for views such as chest, abdomen, spine and certain joints. However, some patients may require light sedation or general anesthesia to obtain certain views or to prevent stress if the pet is in pain.

If sedation is needed, these procedures will require fasting and brief hospitalization to complete the procedure. This will allow your pet to be monitored while waking up from sedation. In some cases, your pet’s x-rays may be sent out for review.